Mayor Pete Pushes Back on Mike Pence’s Issues With Gay Marriage: I Will Not Repent for Loving My Husband

Pete Buttigieg offered a stoic response this week to right-wing evangelicals who call him a sinner because of his homosexuality.

In an interview with Washington Post‘s Jonathan Capeheart, the South Bend mayor was asked about how Franklin Graham recently blasted him in a tweet for his sinful behavior.

When asked if he had anything to say to the Franklin Grahams and “the Mike Pences of the world” who take issue with LGBT people, Buttigieg offered a very undaunted response.

“I guess I would say that we all have a lot to repent for. I have a lot to repent for when it comes to my marriage. Moments when I have not been as caring as I should be, moments when I’ve been selfish, moments when I’ve said a harsh word that I wish I could take back. But one thing that I absolutely should not be repentant for in the context of my marriage is the fact that I’m in love with my husband.”

Watch above.

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