Nancy Grace Dances Her Way To The Next Round of DWTS, Thanks Fans On YouTube

Nancy Grace and her partner, Tristan MacManus, advanced to the next round of Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday, sealing their spot in the Final Eight and avoiding elimination. After the voting was announced, Nancy and Tristan took to Nancy’s personal YouTube account to thank fans for their support:

(Since we try not to be spoilers of reality TV dancing competitions, anyone with an interest in who was kicked off can click here for the answer).

Although the Grace-MacManus duo have the third-lowest average score among the remaining couples (their 19.75 weekly average is a full five points lower than Ricki Lake‘s 24.75, which is the highest), Grace must be given credit for learning, practicing, and performing the dances while also covering Dr. Conrad Murray‘s trial in Los Angeles. On a far different level, she must also be given credit for avoiding a wardrobe malfunction for two straight weeks…and counting.

How ubiquitous is Grace in Los Angeles right now? Jimmy Kimmel Live sent a field reporter out to the courthouse where Dr. Murray is being tried, and he kept telling In Session’s Beth Karas — who he was purposefully mistaking as Grace — how much he loved her on Dancing With The Stars.

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