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New iPhone App Enables On-Demand and Mobile Volunteerism

Picture 1If you’ve ever get the feeling that you should be helping society out more, but were waiting for a mobile device to come along and help you, then here’s good news. The Extraordinaries is an interesting new concept in the growing field of iPhone applications — it allows people to use the every part of their spare time cow (waiting for a movie to start, riding a bus, waiting in line) to do small bits of volunteering using the Extraordinaries iPhone app.

Now it can officially be said: iPhone’s will change the world! At least that the hope of the makers of The Extraordinaries iPhone application which allows its users to volunteer their spare time through “micro-actions.” Examples include tagging photos for the Smithsonian or other museums, mapping incidents of big cat abuse, or mapping playspaces for Kaboom! The San Diego Voice investigative news website is asking people to use the app to record location and photos of city agencies and buildings wasting water during the current drought period.

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