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New York, I Love You (And Always Have): Top Ten New York Movie Moments

newyorkiloveyou-440x322After premiering at the Toronto Film Festival more than a year ago, the long awaited New York, I Love You is finally being released in New York theaters this Friday.

A collaborative effort, New York, I Love You is an anthology of 10+ shorts directed by the likes of Brett Ratner to Natalie Portman, and starring almost every actor in the world. To celebrate its arrival — and the arrival of glorious Fall in New York — we’ve nostalgically compiled a list of the cheesiest, most romantic, most epic and irresistible movies starring our favorite city.

1. Manhattan

One of Woody Allen’s many silver screen love letters to New York, the opener to this 1979 film has become a classic all on its own, perfectly capturing the combination of majesty and neurosis that is New York. In addition to Diane Keaton‘s unforgettable lines (“What do you want? I say what’s on my mind, and if you can’t take it well then fuck off”), it features Woody Allen making out with a 17-year-old during a carriage ride through Central Park, there is iconic shot of Queensboro bridge all of which make it easy to believe Allen when he says of Manhattan, “it’s really a knockout,” as he looks over the East River.

2. Moonstruck

La bella luna! This film about an Italian American family living in Brooklyn Heights is so packed with unforgettable scenes it’s hard to pick just one: Cher and Cage meeting at the Met fountain, the streets of Brooklyn, Cosmo’s moon, that house! (“It’s a house.”) Actually, you don’t have to choose because the entire movie is on YouTube.

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