No, McLovin is Not the Veteran Who Tried to Stop Oregon Shooting


Chris Mintz was acclaimed a hero following reports that he fought back against the gunman when he tried to gain entry into a classroom at Umpqua Community College. Mintz took several bullets before the man moved on, but he was rushed to the hospital soon afterwards, where it was announced he is expected to recover.

Now, since the Internet is a thing, and it loves general lunancy, a few people evidently mixed Mintz up at first with an actor that has a very similar name.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse is popularly known as “McLovin” from the film Superbad, and he also held roles in Kick Ass and How to Train Your Dragon. Like many online users, he sent out a tweet when theOregon Shooting first broke:

After Mintz’s story started to gain traction, several Twitter users messaged Mintz-Plasse, thinking he was the one in recovery:

Mintz-Plasse soon realized what was going on, so he sent out a few tweets and retweets to set things straight and direct people to give their praise to the “real” Mintz:

[h/t TMZ]
[Image via screengrab / wikimedia commons]

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