Oregon Shooting

ABC’s Raddatz Grills Jindal: How Can You Blame Oregon Shooter’s Father?

Ben Carson Should Produce His Long Form Popeyes Receipt

Actually, Ben Carson, Mass Shooters Can ‘Get Us All’

Ben Carson Slammed by Oregon Survivor, Daughter of Sandy Hook Victim

Blitzer Grills Carson on Shooting Comments and ‘Real Black President’ Remark

People Publishes Congressional Contact Info to Spur Gun Control Action

Rand Paul Proposes Schools Post Stickers Saying ‘We Are Armed, Come In at Your Own Peril’

Lindsey Graham: Carson ‘Has No Idea What He Would Do’ During Shooting

Carson Defends Shooting Comments: ‘I Want to Plant in People’s Minds What to Do’

Carson Dismisses Media ‘Silliness’ on Shooting Remarks: I’m Not ‘Judging’ Victims

Oregon Shooter’s Mother Reportedly Wrote About Guns, Son’s Struggles Online

Carson: Taking Away Guns ‘More Devastating’ Than ‘Body With Bullet Holes’

Jindal Blames ‘Cultural Decay,’ Video Games for Shootings: We Embrace ‘Deviant Behavior’

Ben Carson Should Tell Us Who Would Jesus Blame: The Victims or the Shooter?

Ben Carson on Oregon Shooting: ‘I Would Not Just Stand There and Let Him Shoot Me’

Brother of Oregon Shooting Survivor Wants Obama to ‘Quit Running the Gun Agenda’

Donald Trump on Fox: ‘It’s the Mind That Does the Shooting’ (Not Guns)

Anti-Gun Group Calls for UCC Shooting Sheriff’s Job Amid New Bizarre Details

Hillary Clinton Hits Trump, Bush for ‘Admission of Defeat’ on Gun Violence

Trump, Of All People, Thinks Jeb’s ‘Stuff Happens’ Was ‘Inappropriate’

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