Oprah Winfrey Network Reportedly Gave Senators Tape of Puzder’s Ex-Wife Making Abuse Allegations


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The Oprah Winfrey Network has reportedly given a tape to senators from an old episode where the ex-wife of Labor Secretary nominee Andrew Puzder alleged physical abuse.

Last month Politico reported on the old episode Lisa Fierstein appeared on “in disguise…as a victim of domestic violence.”

After that report came out, Fierstein wrote an emotional letter to senators saying that her decision to appear on the show was a mistake:

She contended that she received bad advice from an attorney with a political “vendetta” when she pressed charges in the 1980s — and that she was a guest on Winfrey’s show in part because she wanted to go on a trip to Chicago.

“What we should have handled in a mature and private way became a contentious and ugly public divorce… Upon reflection, I believe I became a pawn in the debate and believe strongly that my attorney’s advice was tainted as a result of his own personal agenda.”

She said in a separate statement that she and her husband have forgiven each other.

However, as Politico reports tonight, senators received the old tape of the episode and have reviewed it. There are four Republicans who reportedly may end up opposing Puzder for the nomination, and one of them––Maine’s Susan Collins––confirmed today she has seen the tape.

Democratic senator Patty Murray also said she saw the video, telling Politico she was “deeply troubled” by it and that “it was important for us to know all of the information about any candidate that comes before us.”

Puzder’s confirmation hearing has been set for this Thursday.

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