Pence Flouts Policy Requiring Masks During Mayo Clinic Visit, Medical Center Says VP Was Told About Order Before Visit


mike pence does not wear mask mayo clinic

Vice President Mike Pence violated a Mayo Clinic policy that requires all visitors to wear a mask during his trip to the medical center, despite the fact that he was informed of the order prior to his visit.

Footage of the visit shows that he is the only one in the medical center who ignored the regulations:

The Mayo Clinic took to Twitter to announce that they had informed Pence of the policy, but have since deleted the post, presumably after users noted that they allowed the Vice President access despite his disregard of the protocol:

Pence, and the majority of the Trump administration, have generally chosen not to wear masks, despite the fact that government officials and medical experts have been encouraging the use of PPE supplies.

New York Times writer Maggie Astor noted on Twitter that “Pence’s team claims incorrectly that because he’s tested regularly, he knows he’s not an asymptomatic carrier and so doesn’t need to wear a mask,” linking to her recent piece on leaders’ tendency to avoid masks amid the pandemic:

CNN’s Jim Acosta later posted Pence’s explanation on Twitter, reporting that he did not wear a mask because “he’s been tested and found to be negative for the virus.”

Pence added that he did not wear a mask because he wanted to look the health care professionals “in the eye and say thank you.” Acosta noted, “You can look at people in the eye with [a] mask on.”

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