Politico Runs Anti-Trump Op-Ed, Doesn’t Disclose Author Was Hillary’s Press Secretary

Brian Fallon

Politico recently ran an op-ed critical of President Donald Trump without initially revealing the author used to be the spokesperson for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

“Why Trump’s Firing of Sally Yates Should Worry You,” wrote Brian Fallon Tuesday. Fallon argued that Trump’s firing of the acting Attorney General “raises troubling questions about the lengths to which the Trump administration will go to stifle independent legal analysis at the Justice Department,” and criticized his “petty, unpresidential smear” of Yates.

According to the original byline, Fallon “served as director of public affairs for the Department of Justice from 2013 to 2015.” That’s certainly pertinent, but it left off his most recent position as Clinton’s press secretary, which casts his opposition to her former opponent in a different light.


After the omission was pointed out on social media, Politico contacted Mediaite and noted that the byline had been updated. It now also says that Fallon was “press secretary to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.”

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