CNN’s Brian Fallon Warns Mediaite That if Health Bill Comes to Vote, It’ll Be Disaster For GOP


Mediaite’s own Travis Irvine caught up with Brian Fallon today to talk about healthcare and whether Hillary Clinton would have attended this weekend’s White House Correspondents Dinner.

Fallon was once a spokesperson for Clinton when she was running against Donald Trump for the presidency and now does political commentary for CNN. When asked by Irvine to do some of his signature commentating on the subject of the healthcare bill, Fallon said this:

I’ll be surprised if it ever comes up for a vote. I think it’s clear that the votes aren’t there and it would just be a fool’s errand for them to make these moderate Republicans walk the plank for a bill that’s going nowhere in the Senate so I’ll doubt that it ever comes up at all, but the more they keep trying, the more they keep trying to whip it, the more of a pressing issue it’s going to be in these campaigns. It’s just going to make these Republicans from these moderate swing districts all the more vulnerable to Democratic challengers that are going to be running against them with healthcare as the number-one issue.

He also said he assumes there will be “more shoes to drop” in the Russia investigations, especially with former acting Attorney General Sally Yates testifying this week.

As for Clinton attending the WHCD, which Trump refused to do?

“I think that Hillary Clinton has had an on-and-off relationship with the press, to put it mildly, for a number of years. But she fundamentally respects the job that they have to do and Donald Trump is somebody that’s declaring open warfare against the press and I think that’s bad for the country,” Fallon mused. “I think we would have had a different type of Correspondents’ Association dinner if Hillary had been the president, but a lot more important things would also be different if Hillary were president.”

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