DNC Rips ‘Incompetent’ Trump Over Taiwan Flap: He’s Prioritizing His Wealth Over National Security


trump-hoteleditedDonald Trump has been taking a lot of heat since breaking with America’s One-China policy last night, and it would seem that it didn’t stop overnight.

Trump took a phone call from the president of Taiwan last night, which carries the risk of provoking the Chinese government. China refuses to recognize Taiwan as its own nation, and for decades, the U.S. has acquiesced to this view by not engaging or having diplomatic relations with the Taiwanese government.

Now that Trump’s actions have appeared to break that tradition, the DNC put out a statement that puts the president-elect’s actions on blast:

The DNC is referring to reports saying that Trump was interested in making a number of business investments on the island. Indications suggested that the Trump Organization was looking into building hotels, though the mogul’s company has denied these reports.

As Trump defends his actions, the diplomatic implications of his call have already set off a great deal of debate. Former Hillary Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon got in on this as well when he sent out a high-sarcastic tweet about the controversy:

The clip was from a foreign policy speech Clinton gave, where she that Trump’s lack of government experience and international diplomacy would only serve to create new global crises.

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