Pro-Trump Radio Host Claims Clinton Is Losing If You ‘Imagine Polls Don’t Exist’


A pro-Trump conservative radio host is getting roundly mocked on Twitter for affirming that Clinton is losing the race, as long as you “imagine polls don’t exist.”

YourVoiceRadio’s Bill Mitchell tweeted on Sunday evening:

In the face of mockery and criticism, Mitchell has continued to affirm that Trump is the winning candidate owing mainly to his large crowds and outsized presence in social media. All the data indicating Clinton has a lead come from “fake polls created by Hillary’s sycophants in the media,” Mitchell wrote.

That hasn’t stopped others in the political/media sphere from jeering Mitchell’s data-phobic assertions.

Frank Luntz noted that Mitchell is enthusiastic about polls’ efficacy — when they show his candidate is winning.

Clinton leads Trump in all 16 of the most recent national polls averaged by RCP.

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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