Redskins’ Attempt to Twitter Troll Harry Reid Backfires Spectacularly


The Washington Redskins organization is currently enmeshed in a battle against a group of U.S. senators, led by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), who have demanded that the team change its name from what they have deemed a “racial slur.” This week, the Redskins decided to try to mobilize its social media audience to tell Reid that they are not willing to let go of their #RedskinsPride. But, as often happens with hashtag campaigns like this one, the whole thing massively backfired.

It all started with this tweet from the Redskins Thursday afternoon:

Quickly, activists like this one started urging Twitter users to turn the hashtag against the team:

Below are some of the best (or worst) responses, depending on how you look at it.

Admittedly, there were some fans who followed the team’s directive and went after Reid, mostly for ignoring other, more important national issues:

But as for Senator Reid himself, his digital director Faiz Shakir told Deadspin they were surprised at just how terribly the campaign went for the team. “The Skins tried to engage folks, and it has failed miserably,” Shakir said. In the immediate aftermath of the first tweet going out, he added, “We haven’t found more than one or two that are actually supportive.”

On a possibly related note, the Washington Redskins organization is currently hiring a new social media intern.

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