Harry Reid

NBC’s Kasie Hunt Points to Harry Reid for Igniting Senate Divisions: ‘It’s All a Total Mess’

Harry Reid Accused of Pressuring Obama White House To Help Menendez Donor

Harry Reid on the Democratic Party: ‘It Appears We’re Going to Have an Old-Folks’ Home’

Harry Reid Takes a Shot at Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Says DNC ‘Has Been Worthless’

Harry Reid: We Need ‘9/11-Type Commission’ for Russian Hacking

Harry Reid Criticizes Romney for Acquiescence to Trump, Romney Fires Back: ‘Good Riddance’

CNN’s Manu Raju to Harry Reid: You Think Comey’s More to Blame Than Your Party’s Failings?

Harry Reid on Russian Hacking: James Comey is the ‘New J. Edgar Hoover,’ and He Should Resign

Harry Reid: Trump ‘Not as Bad as I Thought He Would Be’

Harry Reid: We Would Have Won and Picked Up Senate Seats ‘If Comey Kept His Mouth Shut’

Harry Reid Tears Into ‘Republican Operative’ Comey: He’s the Reason Clinton Lost

Harry Reid: I Wondered After the Election ‘Is the World Gonna Be Destroyed?’

GOP Senator Rips Harry Reid for Anti-Trump ‘Tirade’: Dems Sound Like ‘Sore Losers’

Harry Reid Calls on Trump to Rescind Bannon Hire: Stop ‘Deepening’ Division

Kellyanne Conway Warns Harry Reid to ‘Be Very Careful’ About Characterizing Trump as a Bigot

Harry Reid Unleashes: Winning the Election Won’t Absolve Trump of His ‘Grave Sins,’ ‘Bigotry’ Against Americans

Gowdy Responds to Harry Reid’s Slam on Comey: ‘I Did Not Know Mormons Use Drugs’

Reid Slams Comey for Influencing Election With ‘Partisan Actions’: ‘You May Have Broken the Law’

Harry Reid’s Testy Response to Chris Matthews When Asked What He’ll Miss About Politics: ‘Not You’

Harry Reid Says Trump Has ‘Kind of a Sickness’ When It Comes To Women

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