Richard Painter’s First Senate Campaign Ad Puts Him in Front of a Literal Dumpster Fire


Richard Painter has released his first campaign ad, and the messaging is unmistakable: Washington D.C. has become a huge political “dumpster fire.”

The video shows the former Bush ethics lawyer turned cable news commentator and aspiring Minnesota senator delivering a monologue as he stands in front of a literal, raging dumpster fire.

“Some people see a dumpster fire and do nothing but watch the spectacle. Some are too scared to face the danger, or they think it will benefit them if they let it keep on burning. Some of them shrug and say, ‘Oh, all this talk about dumpster fire, it’s just fake news.’”

As Painter concludes his statement on how political metaphors have become a reality in America, water comes down and puts out the flames behind him while he affirms his capabilities as a problem-solver.

“There is an inferno raging in Washington. But here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, we know how to put out a fire.”

Painter previously worked for the George W. Bush administration, but he’s currently running as both a Democrat and vocal critic of President Trump.

Watch above, via Painter Minnesota.

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