Rudy Giuliani ‘Furious’ Over Wiretap on Trump-Lawyer Cohen: ‘Government Misconduct’ If True


Rudy Giuliani, the latest addition to President Donald Trump’s legal team who has vigorously defended his client on cable news in the past 24 hours, is reportedly “furious” about news that Trump’s other lawyer was the subject of a wiretap.

Federal investigators wiretapped the phone lines of Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen, NBC News reported on Thursday, a warrant for which they obtained weeks before the FBI raid on his offices.

The Washington Post’s Robert Costa spoke with Giuliani about the news, and he apparently was unaware of the wiretap.

“NEW: Giuliani tells me he can’t confirm there were wiretaps, hasn’t been informed,” Costa reported on Twitter. “But when [he] read [the] NBC report, he was furious.”

“If they picked up the president, they would have had to notify him,” Giuliani reportedly told Costa.

He added that if the report was true, it would be a “mockery” of attorney-client privilege as well as government misconduct:

“It’s not appropriate,” Giuliani continued. “I mean, he’s a lawyer. You mean, I call up my lawyer and the government is wiretapping him? That’s pretty damn — I mean, they’ve already eviscerated the attorney-client privilege. This would make a mockery of it.”

Giuliani also told Costa he had not spoken with Trump about the report, but would be shortly…so expect a Trump tweet imminently.

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