Rush Limbaugh Gives Speech On Exceptionalism In Joplin MO: America Is ‘Blessed By God’

Rush Limbaugh appeared in Joplin, Missouri yesterday to give a rousing Independence Day speech on American exceptionalism and to praise the citizens of Joplin for their perseverance in the face of their recent tornado-caused adversity. Not only did Rush have inspiring words, but he also provided the enthusiastic crowd with plenty of free bottles of his new beverage Two If by Tea.

Rush emphasized America is great because of the individual and not because of any “elite government,” adding:

“This country has produced opportunity and prosperity unlike the world has ever seen before. . . . The history of the world is oppression, tyranny, dungeons – not here. We are an exception to the way human beings have always lived on this planet. This is a nation blessed by God.”

Rush’s unapologetic pride in America, religion and his own personal success kept the cheers coming as he admitted, “the fact that I am from the heartland of this country, allows me to be able to understand and relate to and be one of you. I have never changed.” Overall the mood was reminiscent of a political rally, yet Rush kept the overall message positive and said that every day he admires America more and more.

Watch the clip below from Reboot Congress:

(h/t Daily Rushbo)

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