Ryan Lochte Clarifies Mom’s ‘One-Night Stand’ Comments In Hilariously Awkward Interview

There’s only one thing that the American public loves more than stories of athletes overcoming horrible, melodramatic adversity and that’s stories of athletes over…coming. Sex wise. Seriously, ever since stories broke about the Beijing Olympics running out of condoms, people have been obsessed with images of perfectly sculpted demigods bumping uglies while lying on a bed of medals (if any porn studios want to co-produce my script for Olympic Village XXX, just email my agent). So it’s no surprise that the media pounced all over the comments of swimming heartthrob Ryan Lochte‘s mom saying that her son has a lot of one-night stands.

Perhaps sensing that this really isn’t the kind of reputation that gets you endorsements (at least, not for products that you don’t have to show an ID for), Lochte is attempting to clarify his mother’s quote and that’s led to this hilarious interview.

Lochte carefully tries to explain to a reporter from Philadelphia that what his mom actually meant was that he’s just been too busy practicing for long-term relationships. Ohhhhh! That makes so much more sense.

Anyway, Lochte’s spin isn’t the really fun part of this video. Nope, it’s the reporter who appears to be way too into the whole thing, until he’s basically doing an Eric Idle impression.
“Ryan, are there many hook ups? Nudge nudge, know what I mean?”

Watch the video below:

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