Ryan Reynolds Wants to Make a Wolverine/Deadpool Movie

shutterstock_544553998In a recent interview with VarietyRyan Reynolds said that he’d “love to play Deadpool for as long as they would let me play Deadpool,” and that there are already “outlines and stories for a number of different films.” One concept he’s particularly excited about? A Deadpool/Wolverine standalone film.

Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine says he’s “hesitating.” He told the magazine, “I could totally see how that’s the perfect fit. But the timing may 
be wrong.”

Reynolds hopes Jackman will eventually change his mind, saying, “It’s the audience: I would exclusively exploit that relationship to get Hugh back for another one.”

He also discussed Deadpool’s pansexuality, saying that in future we could see the superhero with a boyfriend. “What love is to Deadpool may not be what love is to Batman or someone else,” he noted, adding, “He’s an outsider in every way, shape, and form.”

For the full cover story, head over to Variety.

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