Shooting Reported at Fort Hood Military Base (LIVE UPDATES)

Live Updates on the Fort Hood Shooting 

UPDATE 4/3 8:00 a.m.: A total of four people were killed, including the shooter, and 14-16 injured during a shooting Wednesday night at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texas. The shooter has been identified as a soldier named Ivan Lopez, who had been undergoing psychiatric evaluation for a potential PTSD diagnosis. Read below for a timeline of information.

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Multiple news organizations are reporting a possible shooting incident at the Fort Hood military base in Killeen, Texas. Army officials confirmed the shooting to NBC News Wednesday evening.

The official Twitter account for Fort Hood has also sent out a message asking personnel to shelter in place for the time being:

In 2009, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan fatally shot 13 people and injured more than 30 others at Fort Hood. While the U.S. Defense Department deemed the shooting and act of “workplace violence,” many others viewed it as a terrorist act.

Watch live stream coverage below, via NBCDFW:

UPDATE (6:30pm ET): CNN is reporting an “active shooter” situation at Fort Hood with multiple injuries reported.

KWTX News 10 has confirmed one death at the base:

UPDATE (6:40pm ET): NBC News reports that “as many as” 8 people have been shot at Fort Hood:

Additionally, President Barack Obama has been informed about the shooting and will continue to receive updates, per a White House spokesperson:

UPDATE (7pm ET): NBC Nightly News began Wednesday night with a live report from reporter Jim Miklaszewski indicating that there are possibly two shooters involved in today’s incident. According to the report, one shooting is either in custody or detained while the other remains at large.

Watch video below, via NBC News:

UPDATE (7:05pm ET): A Bell County Sheriff’s deputy has told the Killeen Daily Herald that shooter is “trapped inside a building at Fort Hood and should be in police custody soon.”

UPDATE (7:10pm ET): CNN has confirmed that one shooter is dead according to U.S. officials, apparently from a self-inflicted wound:

UPDATE (7:20pm ET): NBC’s Miklaszewski now reports that there was only one shooter, who has been shot and killed:

UPDATE (7:25pm ET):

The Associated Press has an unnamed senior defense official confirming 1 dead and 14 injured:

UPDATE (7:30pm ET): CBS News has now also confirmed that the shooter is dead. Various outlets are reporting that as of now the shooter is the only person deceased on the scene.

UPDATE (7:35pm ET): Fort Hood released the following press release update, with no confirmation that shooter is dead or the number of injured:

DATE: April 2, 2014 6:29:25 PM CDT
Shooting incident at Fort Hood
UPDATE: Fort Hood’s Directorate of Emergency Services has an initial report that a shooter is dead but this is unconfirmed.
The injured personnel are being transported to Carl R. Darnall Medical Center and other local hospitals. Numerous law enforcement agencies are in support and on the scene. The number of injured are not confirmed at this time. No further details are known at this time.
The post is currently still on lock down.
FORT HOOD, Texas — There has been a shooting at Fort Hood and injuries are reported. Emergency crews are on the scene. No further details are known at this time.
As further details are available, they will be released through

UPDATE (7:40pm ET): President Obama is expected to make a televised statement on the shooting shortly from Chicago.

UPDATE (7:45pm ET): CBS News is quoting Pentagon sources to report that the Fort Hood shooting suspect is a U.S. soldier.

CBS reports that sources have identified the suspect as 34-year-old soldier Ivan Lopez and indicate that the incident stemmed for a “soldier dispute.”

UPDATE (7:55pm ET): Both CNN and Fox News reported that there are now 4 people confirmed dead on the scene at Fort Hood, including the shooter.

UPDATE (8:05pm ET): In a statement to reporters, President Obama said he is following the situation in Fort Hood closely, adding, “We’re heartbroken something like this might have happened again.”

UPDATE (8:33pm ET): NBC News now reporting that three are dead — including the shooter — instead of four. As always, these are unconfirmed numbers.

UPDATE (8:45pm ET): Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX) said the suspect was wearing his uniform during the shooting.

UPDATE (9:01pm ET): CNN reports that four patients were received at Scott & White Memorial Hospital; two people currently en route.

UPDATE (10:04pm ET): The lockdown on the military base has now been lifted.

We will continue to update this post as additional information comes in…

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