Soundbite: Sarah Palin’s Facebook Is The New Politico

spfbBack in 2004 the must-read politico was Mark Halperin — the New Yorker called him the “leading purveyor of inside dope.” That, of course, was before the entire country became readers (and arguably purveyors) of inside dope thanks in large part to Politico. However! There is a new player on the scene, according to National Review editor Rich Lowry: Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. Lowry describes it as a “must-read organ of conservative opinion.”

Palin has lived to tell the tale because going rogue is now her operating principle. Her base of support is so intense, she doesn’t need supply lines into the political or media establishment. She transformed her Facebook page into a must-read organ of conservative opinion by lobbing “I can’t believe she said that” rhetorical bombshells. No political consultant would ever approve of her M.O.; for Palin’s purposes, no political consultant could possibly improve on it.

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