Ted Cruz Declines to Answer Whether People Can ‘Trust This President’

Senator Ted Cruz took the stage on Face the Nation on Sunday to defend President Donald Trump’s political agenda. Host John Dickerson jumped into the mix by pressing the Senator on Trump’s claim that he was wiretapped by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

“There were two FISA applications for some form of surveillance or wiretaps,” said Cruz. “I think it’s important to learn a little more detail about what was contained in those applications.”

In his response, Dickerson cut deep.

“You, in the campaign, went back and forth about the question of veracity,” he said. “[Trump] told stories about your father and JFK’s assassination.”

This prompted a moment of very pained laughter from Cruz, who previously called Trump “dishonest” and amoral.”

“There seems to be as much evidence for that, as there is for this wiretapping claims. Can people trust this president?” Dickerson continued.

Cruz notably declined to say yes.

“Well listen, I don’t know what basis this president has for these allegations,” he said. “They’re serious allegations, he is now the president of the United States. The Department of Justice, the FBI the CIA, they all report to him and we should examine what the evidence is. I think it would be quite good for the administration to put forward what the evidence is.”

Dickerson did not press the point and the two moved on to healthcare.

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