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Teen Charged As Accomplice In Beating Says C-Word Live On Today Show (UPDATED)

A 13-year-old girl who has been charged as an accomplice in the beating of another Florida teen, Josie Ratley, was live on the Today show couch with Meredith Vieira, her aunt and two lawyers.

While describing texts she saw, she didn’t hold back in saying the c-word – twice.

Kayla Manson told Vieira (in a Today show exclusive) she wants people to know that she “wouldn’t deliberately hurt somebody. And I wouldn’t help somebody hurt somebody.”

But she did see the preceding texts before the beating. And this was her exchange with Vieira about what she saw:

Manson: The one where she called him a rapist. And she calls him a c**t. I mean, he calls her a c**t.
Vieira: Um, we just have to be careful with our language.
Manson: Okay.
Vieira: That’s alright, sweetheart.

Vieira handled the moment with care. Later Manson’s lawyer defended the language: “These terms, unfortunately, are part of common vernacular in middle school. These children speak in ways adults would not find appropriate.”

The whole story, language or otherwise, is pretty disturbing and gross.

> Update: NBC tells Mediaite, “We have removed the audio from our Central, Mountain and Pacific feeds, as well as online, and Meredith apologized on air.” (The on-air apology: “I just want to apologize to our audience at home for some of the rough language in that last segment in that last half hour. And it’s really not Kayla’s fault. I asked her about the text message, and she didn’t realize – She was giving me verbatim what was in it. She didn’t know there are certain words you can’t say on television. Anyway, we do apologize for that.”)

Here’s the video from the Today show’s website – as you can see, the words have been bleeped out (side note: this isn’t the first time that word was heard by the Today show audience). UPDATE: Video of the uncensored version below.

Uncensored Version (4:10 mark)

Meredith’s Apology

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