‘That Guy’s Screaming At The Cop!’ Watch The UMass Amherst Riots Narrated By Two Coeds

It was a rough night for New England Patriots fans, who lamented their team’s loss to the Giants on Sunday in the Super Bowl. One particular group of fans getting some attention today are some UMass students, who decided to take matters into their own hands. In incredible video filmed by two female coeds from their dorm, students went berserk, clashing with riot police on horseback.

“Oh my God, they slung beer at them!” one exclaimed.

“That guy’s screaming at the cop!” another cried out.

Their footage captured smoke bombs that were hurled at the rioters — which didn’t seem to faze some of the unruly students. The college girls breathlessly narrated the chaos from above.

According to AP reporter Jim Morrison:

“1,500 students gathered in the main residential part of the campus after the game. There were some fistfights, but no one was hurt badly enough to be taken to a hospital and no property damage was reported, said spokesman Ed Blaguszewski.”

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Morrison added that “Thirteen of those arrested were students, and all were charged with failure to disperse or disorderly conduct or both. They will be referred to the dean of students for possible disciplinary action.”

Watch the UMass Amherst riots narrated by two college girls below:

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