‘The Death Threats I Am Getting Are Constant ‘: Kathy Griffin Addresses Trump Photo Backlash


Following a few days of outrage over a photo of her posing with a model of President Donald Trump’s severed bloody head, comedian Kathy Griffin held a press conference today to address the controversy over the image and the backlash she’s received.

After attorney Lisa Bloom explained that Griffin’s photo was a parody of Trump’s own sexist remarks while claiming that Griffin is the target of a bullying campaign by the president and his family, the comic stepped up to the mic for what she described as “off the cuff” remarks.

“I’m not afraid of Donald Trump,” Griffin stated, noting that she was really nervous. Addressing the image and her job as a comedian, she said that she loves to make people laugh and that “sometimes people want a joke that’s out there and is a little crazy.”

As for her apology over the graphic photograph, she wanted it known that it was genuine and she still stands behind it.

“That apology absolutely stands. I feel horrible. I have performed in war zones,” she added. “I make mistakes. I am an out there comedian.”

From there, Griffin addressed the president directly, claiming that he was “personally trying to ruin” her life forever and that everyone knows he won’t stop.

“This is America, and you shouldn’t have to die for it. The death threats I am getting are constant and they are detailed,” the ex-CNN New Year’s Eve host exclaimed. “Today it’s me. Tomorrow it could be you.”

Griffin went on for a bit more, letting the press know that her mother isn’t talking to her anymore because she “thinks Fox News is real” and she loves Tucker Carlson. She further added that she’ll continue to make fun of Trump but that she’s also had “everybody turn on” her.

Watch the entire presser above.

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