The Young Turks Flip the Script on James O’Keefe, Obtain Undercover Video


James O’Keefe is a self-styled undercover investigator who has long been known for his attempts to sway policy and public opinion with heavily edited and hyped videos aimed at taking down everything from ACORN to Planned Parenthood.

A few months ago, he got dragged through the mud by a columnist at a newspaper after he tried to impersonate said columnist to make one of his videos, but The Young Turks just took it one step farther: they exclusively aired footage of a reporter going undercover of O’Keefe addressing an audience, giving him, in Cenk Uygur‘s words, a “taste of his own medicine.”

Activist Ryan Clayton attended the event only to learn that O’Keefe is, in essence, planning to “troll” the media. He was found out by those in attendance, which led to him being allegedly dragged through the bar and thrown down some stairs. Clayton described that to the Huffington Post, where stills taken by his cameraman are embedded and seem to show that he was thrown down the stairs and kicked. TYT also aired some of the footage of the alleged assault, which they hope will lead to an investigation.

TYT exclusively aired the clips caught before Clayton’s discovery as an infiltrator, In them, O’Keefe is heard bemoaning that the mainstream media doesn’t consider him or his group serious journalists, then joking that his organization is “one-third Borat.”

O’Keefe went on to say that he already has tapes that will aid him in his mission to “go after” the media.

“They’re not part of the media,” Uygur said while presenting the footage. “They’re the opponents of the media.”

Watch above.

UPDATE — 4:06 p.m EST:

In response to the TYT video and this post about it, O’Keefe has said the following:

Note, then, that, per O’Keefe, the event was one designed for Friends of Abe, a clandestine group of Hollywood conservatives.

CORRECTION — 5:43 p.m. EST:

The headline and body of this piece have been updated to reflect that the meeting was not sponsored by Project Veritas, according to a spokesperson for the group.

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