‘This Weekend Was a Disgrace, and It’s All on Your Shoulders’: Scarborough Rips Into Stephen Miller


The coauthor of President Donald J. Trump‘s inaugural address was firmly in the crosshairs of Joe Scarborough‘s blistering hot take Monday morning over the fallout from the controversial immigration executive order.

Stephen Miller, a former staffer for Senator Jeff Sessions in Alabama, has been quietly helping pull the strings of the administration in its first week along with his pal Steve Bannon; the LA Times identified Miller as “a major architect of the refugee and visa ban.” Scarborough directed his ire Monday morning at Miller directly after recounting several of the missteps made by the administration in its first full weekend of operation.

“And people — not to mention his name again — like Stephen Miller better learn very quickly if you’re going to have the President of the United States sign something, maybe you better check it out with the other agencies,” Scarborough said Monday before turning and attacking Miller’s young age and inexperience.

“And by the time you’re 35, maybe you’ll know how Washington and the White House really works. If you’re still around. I hope you’re not,” the Morning Joe cohost said firmly, “because this weekend was a disgrace and it’s all on your shoulders.”

Friday’s executive order halted immigration for all citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, as well as imposed an indefinite ban on all refugees from Syria. It led to confusion around the world and at international airports, where thousands of Americans protested late into the night Saturday in direct opposition of Trump’s executive action. Saturday evening, a federal judge from New York’s eastern district granted an emergency stay, effectively halting the executive order temporarily.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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