Trump Tweets Out Clip of Mark Levin Repeatedly (and Inaccurately) Referring to the Whistleblower as a CIA Agent


President Donald Trump tweeted out a clip of Fox News host Mark Levin getting heated about the whistleblower, whom he erroneously referred to as a “CIA agent” at multiple points.

The six-minute clip comes from Levin’s appearance on Hannity, where he called Democratic lawmakers and the media “drug addicts looking for their next fix.”

“I can tell you that a CIA agent who is a policy guy for Ukraine can’t write something like this,” Levin said, speculating he was helped by a law firm.

Journalist Yashar Ali noted that Levin was interchanging the jobs “CIA agent” and “CIA officer” – which have different roles in intelligence gathering.

Ali went on to note that people were accusing him of “nitpicking.”

Generally speaking, a CIA agent is someone recruited by the CIA for their influence or access to intelligence and their role is to gather intelligence. A CIA officer/analyst is responsible for receiving and interpreting intelligence and forming it into coherent and useful information.

The previous reporting suggests the anonymous whistleblower is a CIA analyst specializing in European and Ukrainian foreign affairs who was assigned to the White House at some point.

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