Tucker Carlson Addresses Spiked Interview: When I Called Guest ‘F*cking Annoying,’ It Was ‘Heartfelt’

Wednesday night, Tucker Carlson addressed the leaked audio from a spiked segment of his show taped earlier in February — in which he profanely chewed out Dutch economics writer Rutger Bregman.

In a segment posted to his Twitter account at the conclusion of his show, Carlson said that he spiked the segment because Bregman accused the host of taking orders from his “corporate masters” on the content of his show.

“That was too much,” Carlson said. “Whatever my faults or those of this channel, nobody in management has ever told us what positions to take on the air. Never. Not one time.”

Then, Carlson addressed the audio.

“I did what I try hard never to do on this show, and I was rude,” Carlson said.

Bregman leaked the audio of Carlson earlier Wednesday after going public with the dustup last week.

“Why don’t you go f*ck yourself you tiny brain?!” Carlson said in the leaked audio. “And I hope this gets picked up -– because you’re a moron. I tried to give you a hearing, but you were too f*cking annoying.”

Addressing those comments, Carlson apologized for the profanity, but then said, “It was genuinely heartfelt. I meant it with total sincerity.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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