Tucker Carlson Blows Up at Guest in Leaked Recording of Spiked Interview: ‘Go F*ck Yourself’


Tucker Carlson spiked an interview he originally planned to run on his show this month, but the Dutch historian he spoke to has released a recording from their discussion, and it sheds some light on how the interview completely collapsed.

Dutch economics writer Rutger Bregman drew intrigue weeks ago when he claimed that the Fox News host had a profane meltdown as they spoke to each other about Bregman’s remarks at Davos. At the time, Tucker Carlson Tonight Senior Executive Producer Justin Wells told Mediaite that they aborted the segment because Bregman had turned the interview into a “calculated personal insult campaign” that wasn’t worth viewers’ time.

NowThis has released cell phone footage and audio of Bregman during his pre-record session with Carlson. Bregman insinuated that Fox News pundits suppress indications that the public supports higher taxes for the wealthy, all while the channel’s on-air talent make plenty of money.

As Bregman went through his ideas on how to make tax systems fairer, he spoke of “corruption,” “people being bribed,” and accused the Murdoch family of using the network to “scapegoat immigrants” instead of talking about tax avoidance. Bergman went on to tell Carlson “you are a millionaire funded by a billionaire,” and the Fox News host grew increasingly agitated as Bregman noted the wealth of Carlson’s colleagues.

Bergman predicted that Carlson would spike the interview, and sure enough, Carlson ended the chat by saying “why don’t you go f*ck yourself you tiny brain – and I hope this gets picked up – because you’re a moron. I tried to give you a hearing, but you were too f*cking annoying.”

Here’s how Bregman reflected on the interview on Twitter:

Watch above, via NowThis.

UPDATE: Carlson has responded — apologizing for the profanity, but saying his comments were “genuinely heartfelt.” Check out his complete response here.

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