Twitter is Convinced That a Newly Unlocked Secret Account Belongs to James Comey


There is a growing consensus among Twitter users that the account “Reinhold Niebuhr” belongs to former FBI Director James Comey.

On Tuesday evening, the user uploaded this picture in the account’s second-ever tweet.

The recently unlocked account has long been suspected to be Comey’s. Earlier this year, Ashley Feinberg of Gizmodo suspected that Reinhold Niebuhr was actually Comey after intense investigating (or social media stalking). And Paul Elie of The New Yorker backed up Feinberg’s reporting shortly after.

The new Tweet from “Niebuhr” sparked a ton of intrigue on Twitter — namely from Benjamin Wittes, a longtime friend of Comey’s.

Even without confirmation from Wittes, many have already assumed it’s Comey.

Niebuhr’s only other tweet was made on March 30, including the link

The account only follows 29 other users, including the FBI, CIA, Howard University (where he recently spoke), and The Onion.

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