James Comey

Trump: Comey ‘The Best Thing That Ever Happened to’ Hillary Clinton

Judy Woodruff Asks Clinton Whether Loretta Lynch Tarmac Meeting with Bill Was ‘Costly Mistake’

Hillary Clinton on Being ‘Shivved’ By Comey: He ‘Forever Changed History… But That’s in the Past’

Huckabee Sanders Defends Trump From Bannon Criticism: ‘He’s Been Fully Vindicated’ on Firing Comey

Hillary Regrets Not Going After Ex-FBI Director During Election: ‘What the Hell Was Comey Doing?’

Kimmel: Hillary’s Book Is Like Reading About the Titanic While ‘At the Bottom of the Ocean’

Trump Lawyer Asks Reporter ‘Are You On Drugs’ in Response to Questions About Comey Letter

Jesse Watters on Comey’s Clinton Probe: ‘The FBI Should Change Its Motto to I’m With Her’

Mueller Reportedly Has Letter Trump Drafted Explaining Rationale For Firing Comey

Trump Parrots Fox & Friends to Blast Comey Over Clinton Probe: ‘Rigged System!’

Jay Sekulow on Comey’s Clinton Investigation: It Was a ‘Fraud on the American People’

Top GOP Senators: Comey Chose to Exonerate Clinton Months Before FBI Probe Concluded

Bannon Reportedly Believes Kushner Pushed Comey Firing, Priebus Should Give Account to Mueller

James Comey Inks Book Deal

New Chief of Staff Kelly Was Reportedly ‘Angry’ About Comey Firing, Called Him Afterwards

Rod Rosenstein Takes Shot at Comey: ‘We Have an Obligation’ To Keep Memos ‘Confidential’

… And James Comey is Writing a Book

Pat Leahy Presses Christopher Wray on Whether He’d Give Trump a Pledge of Loyalty

Lindsey Graham Grills Nominee for FBI Director on Don Jr. Emails

Jay Sekulow Goes Off on Comey: Russia Special Counsel Based on ‘Illegally Leaked Information’

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