James Comey

Bannon Reportedly Believes Kushner Pushed Comey Firing, Priebus Should Give Account to Mueller

James Comey Inks Book Deal

New Chief of Staff Kelly Was Reportedly ‘Angry’ About Comey Firing, Called Him Afterwards

Rod Rosenstein Takes Shot at Comey: ‘We Have an Obligation’ To Keep Memos ‘Confidential’

… And James Comey is Writing a Book

Pat Leahy Presses Christopher Wray on Whether He’d Give Trump a Pledge of Loyalty

Lindsey Graham Grills Nominee for FBI Director on Don Jr. Emails

Jay Sekulow Goes Off on Comey: Russia Special Counsel Based on ‘Illegally Leaked Information’

Fox & Friends Addresses False Comey Memo Report: ‘We Were Mistaken’

Fox & Friends Tweets Correction on Comey Memo Coverage

Fox News Still Hasn’t Corrected Inaccurate Tweet About Comey Memos

Comey Friend Pushes Back: ‘No Memo Was Given To Me that Was Marked Classified’

Trump’s Accusation That Comey Leaked Classified Information Based On Misleading Fox & Friends Segment

Chris Cuomo and Rep. Jim Jordan Tangle Over Russia Investigation

Senate Intel Chair Says Committee Will Be Receiving Comey Memos

‘Witch Hunt’: Tomi Lahren Stars in First Ad for Pro-Trump Organization

Krauthammer: ‘Pure Rubbish’ to Say Trump’s Tapes Tweet Was Witness Intimidation

White House Letter on Request for Tapes Refers House Intel Chiefs to Trump’s Tweets

Poll: Half of All Americans Think Media Overhyping Trump Allegations in Russia Probe

Sean Spicer: Trump’s ‘Tapes’ Tweet Made Comey Think ‘I Better Tell the Truth’

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