Twitter Seems To Think Scaramucci Accused Reince Priebus of Leaking Financial Disclosure


Politico broke a story this evening that indicated new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci still stands to earn millions from his ownership stake in an investment firm. The report centered on financial disclosures he gave to the Office of Government Ethics.

After the article went up, Scaramucci sent out a tweet stating that he would go to the feds to complain about the leak. He also curiously tagged White House Chief of Staff in the tweet.

Well, a lot of folks on Twitter put two and two together and figured Scaramucci was accusing Priebus of being the leaker:

We got some pop culture references as well:

And Chris Hayes brought up how some others may have sympathy with Scaramucci:

Some pointed out that there really is no crime here for Scaramucci to report:

And The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza reported that Scaramucci is indeed accusing Priebus of leaking the disclosures and wants the FBI to investigate:

UPDATE 1:25 AM ET 7/27/2017: After it was reported that Scaramucci asked the FBI to investigate Priebus for leaking, Scaramucci deleted the tweet. He added another one stating that all senior officials are helping to end the leaks. Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that Scaramucci’s financial disclosures have been publicly available since July 23rd.

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