Twitter’s #HeterosexualPrideDay Gets Hijacked by the Web’s Most Sarcastic Users


On Wednesday #HeterosexualPrideDay burbled forth from the collective id of Twitter to ascend to the top rung of United States trending topics.

It is unclear if the hashtag originated as some kind of earnest, hetero rebuke to Gay Pride events, which have been taking place throughout American cities over the past few weeks. But it was quickly overtaken by smart-aleck Twitter users only too happy to turn the hashtag on its head.

Others seemed peeved that the hashtag descended into parody at all, Daily Caller‘s Amber Randall quipping that “some users seriously couldn’t handle the most common sexual orientation being recognized.” Sad!

One post struck a more sober note, quoting LZ Granderson‘s op-ed published in CNN in June 2013, in which he wrote:

And if you ever find yourself wondering “How come there’s no Straight Pride month?” I say the day being straight becomes a crime — as being gay still is in many parts of the world — start one.

Gay Pride was not born out of a need to celebrate not being straight but our right to exist without prosecution.

[…] So maybe instead of wondering why there isn’t a straight pride month or movement, straight people should be thankful they don’t need one.

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