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Undercovered: A Belated Investigation Into Disappearances of Hundreds of Women

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According to new report by the Human Rights Watch published Monday, an upcoming government probe may finally do justice to investigating the deaths and disappearances of hundred of indigenous Canadian women.

HRW researcher Meghan Rhoad writes that “it remains to be seen how much scope and power the inquiry will be given to delve into the issue.”

Rhoad writes:

To have any hope of success, it’s critical the inquiry examine the role of police in this problem. But terms of reference leaked to the media this week contain no specific mention of policing. Instead, they broadly allude to “underlying social, economic, cultural, historical and institutional causes contributing to the ongoing violence…” That may or may not include police, depending on how those words are interpreted.

This issue is too important to be left up to interpretation. We appreciate reassurances from the government that the inquiry will address policing, and we recognize that the terms are not final. However, by the time this document is finalized, it should be explicit that the police fall within the mandate of the inquiry.

You can read the complete report here.

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