comScore Watch College Students Slam Trump’s State of the Union as ‘Racist’ — Before it Happens

Watch College Students Slam Trump’s State of the Union as ‘Racist’ — Before it Happens

In some quality conservative outrage-porn, the right-wing college news site Campus Reform hit New York University’s campus to ask students what they thought of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union — even though he hasn’t even given it yet.

While it isn’t clear just how many students fell for the classic gotcha-journalism tactic, Campus Reform reporter Cabot Philips tricked enough of them into firing off their opinions on the non-existent SOTU address.

“We’ve been getting people’s reactions to Trump’s State of the Union last night, some people were saying it was the most racist State of the Union that’s ever happened. What was your reaction to everything that was said?” quizzed Philips.

“Quite racist at the very least, if not up there with most racist,” one student replied.

Another called it “offensive” and “crazy,” but noted she wasn’t “shocked” due to the president’s prior comments.

Philips then described a made-up scene from the faked SOTU, explaining Trump “told the Democrats the wall got 10 feet higher because they didn’t stand up and give him applause at one point.”

Students responded by comparing Trump to a child, slamming his immigration views, and and calling him “absolutely crazy.”

Watch above, via Campus Reform.

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