Watch World Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Toss a Reporter’s Microphone Into the Lake

shutterstock_437221792While Lionel Messi and his Argentine teammates were celebrating a victory over the United States in the Copa America 2016, the other best-player-in-the-world Cristiano Ronaldo and his Portuguese teammates have had a rough go of things in the Euro 2016. Portugal has scored only one goal throughout the entire tournament and badly needs a win over Hungary to get into the knockout rounds.

The pressure may be getting to the world’s highest paid athlete.

While walking with his teammates after a match, a reporter approached him for a question about the upcoming game against Hungary. Ronaldo proceeded to grab the microphone from the reporter and casually toss it into a nearby lake.

Watch the video below:

Although Ronaldo had this angry outburst, he’s not usually a mean-spirited guy. He even stopped in a game to take a selfie with a fan during Saturday night’s match against Austria.

Both of Portugal’s previous two matches against Austria and Iceland ended in a draw. Ronaldo’s frustrations may get even worse if his team is unable to pull off a win against Hungary on Wednesday.

[image via Shutterstock]

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