Watch: Kindergartener Storms the Internet With Adorable Weather Report

Six-year-old Carden Corts is your new favorite meteorologist.

In a school project for Waverly Belmont Elementary School in Nashville, Tennessee, Corts was asked to do the weather report.

But he and his father – who happens to be the head of operations for a digital video company – took the assignment all the way to 11.

“[The school] had some suggestions on how to have fun with it,” Charlie Corts told The Washington Post of his son’s assignment, “but of course, as soon as I saw the assignment, I thought, ‘I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment.’”

Carden braves green-screened hurricanes, tornadoes, and spring break babes with all the poise of a veteran TV personality – and some pretty awesome dance moves to boot.

“I’m not an actual meteorologist, but I do know my sight words,” Carden informs the audience.

He also diligently thanks his sponsors: “The letter ‘C'” and “Pokémon caaaaaaaaaaaards.”

As of this writing, the original video has over 1.2 million views on YouTube, and is the #6 trending video worldwide.

Watch the adorable, charismatic Corts above.

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