WATCH: Dramatic Footage Shows North Korean Defector Braving Gunfire in Bid for Freedom

A North Korean soldier was caught on video earlier this month when he made a desperate escape from the despotic regime.

The United Nations Command released video this week showing a man in a military jeep speeding through checkpoints and heading for the Korean DMZ. The soldier made it to the border village of Panmunjom before crashing the vehicle and running away from border patrol agents who started opening fire.

Reports indicate that the defector was shot multiple times as North Korean guards mobilized and tried to stop him. The man went down from his injuries, though South Korean security forces managed to drag him to safety and transport him to a medical center.

While the defector’s condition is reportedly stable, doctors found that he was suffering from a serious parasitic infection as they mended his intestinal wounds. This indicates that North Koreans still suffer from widespread malnutrition, poor hygiene, and a lack of proper medical care.

Footage from the incident shows at least one of the North Korean soldiers stepping past the demarcation line during their pursuit. This would constitute a violation of the armistice that ended conflict during the Korean War in 1953. An international commission will investigate this diplomatic breach and take action from there.

Watch above.

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