We Asked You to Caption Surreal Airport Photo of Mueller and Don Jr. Here Are Your Best


The cosmos blew up and the world as we know it ended Friday when special counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Jr. were photographed waiting at the same gate at DCA.

Thankfully, Politico was on the scene to capture the moment when the Matrix shattered:

We asked our readers to caption this crazy, once-in-a-millennium photograph, and here are your five best submissions:

5. “Junior on the phone: Daddy, that mean man is here!!” – ny_jeter2

4. “It’s OK dad …. I don’t think he’s read the Cohen story yet” – DrMarvinMonroe

3. “Hey Eric, do you know if they sell diapers adult diapers at the airport? Asking for a friend… you don’t know, well then can you call dad and call me back, I don’t want to call him because I think my phone might be bugged all of a sudden, thanks bro.” – Snarky Cat

2. “I see Fed people.” – Dumb Donnie

1. “Hello DAD?, he’s right here, I can see him. you still want me to take him out and make it look like an accident?” – RussiaRussiaRussia!

Plenty of people were ready with the memes on Twitter as well:

Maybe the two are boarding the same flight and will have a cozy little “chat” over whiskey sours.

[image via screengrab]

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