No, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Does Not Have to Choose Between Being a Lawmaker and a Twitter Star

Pompeo Reportedly Praises Saudi Arabia For Handling of Khashoggi Murder in Draft Middle East Speech

Politico Story About Trump’s ‘Unprecedented’ Reelection Campaign Seems Awfully Precedented

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Blasts Politico After New Report: ‘Gossip’ Citing Anonymous Sources

Politico Poll: Americans Blame Trump and Media for Dividing the Country

CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Reportedly Not Interested in Hiring Ex-Trump Officials

Trump Reportedly Insults Mattis as ‘Moderate Dog’ Behind His Back

White House Staff Reportedly Had to Tell President Trump That Nepal Isn’t Pronounced ‘Nipple’

Stephen Miller Torched by Own Uncle in Scathing Op-Ed: I Watch Him With ‘Dismay and Increasing Horror’

Ex-WH Official Claims Trump Schedules Meetings Based on ‘Whatever He Saw on Fox & Friends

We Asked You to Caption Surreal Airport Photo of Mueller and Don Jr. Here Are Your Best

Top White House Aide Marc Short Reportedly Calling it Quits

Politico Published a Story of Gibberish and Everyone on Twitter Made the Same ‘Same’ Joke

John Kelly Reportedly Has Quit Trying to Control Trump, Even if it Results in POTUS Being Impeached

Reporters Barred from Covering EPA Summit Again, After Alleged Shoving Incident on Tuesday

Seth Meyers: Trump Refused to Come on My Show Unless I Made On-Air Apology

NY Times Reporter Calls Out MSNBC and Hugh Hewitt For Ties to Scott Pruitt

Mike Huckabee Praises Politico Story That Describes His Daughter as Someone Who Can ‘Deaden A Room’

White House Reportedly Passes Comey Response Off to RNC Because Trump Could ‘Blow Up’ Talking Points

White House Reportedly Changes Plan to Seek Death Penalty For Drug Dealers After Outcry

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