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Robert Mueller

Papadopoulos’ Fiancée Says He’s No Coffee Boy: ‘History Will Remember Him Like John Dean’

Hannity Goes Off Over Memo, Calls on Multiple FBI, DOJ Officials to Be Fired and/or Investigated

Trump Lawyer Ty Cobb: POTUS ‘Very Eager’ to Speak With Mueller, but I Hope It’s Not a ‘Perjury Trap’

Steve Bannon Subpoenaed by Robert Mueller in Russia Special Counsel Investigation

Trump’s Allies Are Reportedly Encouraging Him Not To Talk To Special Counsel Mueller

Reviewing the Nuttiest Things Trump Said Just Today

Trump on Whether He’ll Sit Down With Mueller: ‘We’ll See What Happens’

Hannity Blasts the Media for Their 2017 ‘EPIC FAIL’: ‘We’ve Been Right, You’ve Been Wrong!’

CNN’s Toobin: Accusations of Mueller’s Anti-Trump Bias Are a ‘Completely Frivolous Argument’

Marco Rubio on GOP Tax Bill: ‘We Probably Went Too Far on (Helping) Corporations’

Joe Walsh Scolds GOP and Fox News for Discrediting Mueller: ‘Disgusting and Offensive’

Trump to NYT: ‘I Have the Absolute Right to Do What I Want’ With Justice Dept., But Think Mueller Will Be ‘Fair’

GOP Rep. Calls For Mueller’s Firing: If He Were More Biased, He’d Have ‘Credentials For The Mainstream Media’

CNN’s Toobin: ‘The President Has Succeeded in Politicizing This Investigation’

GOP Rep. Gohmert: Mueller ‘Would Love to Get Trump’s Scalp’

Dem Rep Ted Lieu: Trump’s Tweets on McCabe ‘Gift That Keeps on Giving’ to Mueller

Jesse Watters: ‘It Seems Like Mueller’s Basically The Democrat Candidate For President’

Laura Ingraham: Dems Are Actually Hoping Trump Fires Mueller, But He ‘Isn’t Falling For It’

Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett: FBI Wanted to ‘Clear a Path’ for Clinton, Launch a ‘Fictitious’ Trump Probe

Sarah Sanders: Russia Investigation a ‘Hoax,’ But We Have ‘No Intention’ to Fire Mueller

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