‘We’re Still Number One’: Geraldo Rivera Has No ‘Concerns’ About Future of Fox News

Today. Mediaite alum J.D. Durkin asked Geraldo Rivera some questions about Fox News during an interview on Cheddar. In fact, he asked what everyone has been thinking in the wake of Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly getting ousted over sexual harassment claims: are there concerns about the network’s future?

“If you notice, we’re still number one in the ratings on all of basic cable,” he told Durkin. “There will be some adjustment as we try to work our way through and get our on-air programs established.”

Of Ailes, who died yesterday, he said, “He was a wonderful man. He stumbled, maybe, in the last year or two of his life. Who amongst us has not committed a sin? You love the sinner, not the sin. What he created in terms of Fox News was monumental. It was historic. He’s someone who will, I think, become regarded as one of the great broadcasters of all time.”

Rivera was, of course, referring to the allegations of sexual assault, which came from women whose timeline of events stretched well beyond “the last year or two” of Ailes’s life.

Rivera has now joined the growing list of people who are tributing Ailes as an influential and complex character.

Watch above, via Cheddar.

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