Ed Schultz Blasts ‘Absolute Hogwash’ CNN For Comey Reporting, ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Kushner


Ed Schultz ripped CNN on Wednesday over its new reporting about James Comey, which asserts that the former FBI director will reveal that President Donald Trump pressured him to end the investigation into General Michael Flynn.

“Another CNN story where they’re not properly sourced,” Schultz said during an interview on Cheddar. “They’re not journalistically-based.”

The former MSNBC host soon added, “It’s absolute hogwash, is what it is; and it’s unprofessional reporting. And I wish other news agencies would call CNN out on this…. Look, I don’t believe any of it.”

Schultz used the CNN subject as a jumping-off point to attack the media’s coverage of Jared Kushner.

“I think that this witch hunt on Jared Kushner is going to turn out to be just that,” the RT host contended. “Where’s the where at? Where’s the wrongdoing? Since when is it against the law to meet with people from another country?”

Schultz then bluntly underlined, “If there is a problem, we’re going to find out about it. But I think that CNN has got to reel in their reporting a little bit, or at least have the balls to go on the air and tell us who the hell they’re hearing this from.”

The guest also claimed that the whole Russia/election issue was an “overreaction by a bunch of Clinton supporters who are upset, looking for something to get rid of Donald Trump…. I don’t think that there is any wrongdoing here at all.” He asserted that Hillary Clinton was a “lousy candidate with a lousy staff, a lousy message, and she got kicked by Donald Trump in the Electoral College in a big way.”

Cheddar anchor J.D. Durkin (formerly with Mediaite) followed up by pointing out he was employed by state-sponsored network from Russia: “You know you’re going to have critics… who are going to to say, ‘You are employed by Russia Today television… Of course, Ed Schultz is going to make that argument. He works for RT.'”

Schultz pushed back, in part, by saying, “Well, show me the evidence that I’m wrong!” He continued by claiming that the Russia issue was being “ginned up by the corporate networks, satisfying the Democrats in their thirst to get rid of this President of the United States.”

You can watch the relevant portion of the interview in the embedded video above, starting at the 4:10 mark, via Cheddar.

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