What a Trainwreck: Amy Schumer Offers to Take Polygraph to Prove She Didn’t Steal Jokes

amy-schumer1After other comedians pointed out that some of Amy Schumer‘s jokes appear to have been lifted from their routines, Schumer offered to take a polygraph to settle the issue.

“I’m being accused of stealing jokes and I wanted to come and talk to you about it and clear my name,” Schumer said on SiriusXM’s The Jim Norton Advice Show.

“I would never, ever do that and I never have,” she told host Jim Norton. “I’m literally going to take a polygraph test and put it on my show this season, and I promise, whatever the results are — I won’t let them cut [it].”

“I will literally take a polygraph,” she insisted. “And I just would never do that, like, that would be so stupid for me to do that!”

Listen above, via The Jim Norton Advice Show.

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