When Do Trump Voters ‘Realize That They’re Chumps?’: The Young Turks React to Health Care Bill Passing

When Donald Trump‘s skinny budget suggested slashing Meals on Wheels funding, The Young Turks feigned shock that some of his supporters were learning they’d voted against their own interests. Now that the American Health Care Act — which weakens protections for those preexisting conditions and could yank insurance coverage from millions — passed in the House, TYT‘s hosts can’t even pretend to be shocked.

The question quickly became, “When do Trump voters start to realize that they’re chumps?”

“If you think Trump was actually gonna help the little guy, you’re a chump,” Jimmy Dore said. “If you were just wishing on a prayer that he might’ve, then you’re not a chump. That’s what everybody — I think most of the people — thought he was a charlatan, but now it’s revealed that the hope that he wouldn’t be who he presented to be is over. He is who he presented to be. He’s a billionaire who doesn’t give a shit about you and he’s going to screw you at every turn.”

Dore went on to list examples to back up his claim before calling for a “revolution” that would put someone like Bernie Sanders in office.

Nomiki Konst joined him by saying, “I’m not part of the resistance … You can’t just resist. You have to revolt.”

Certainly, we’ve seen enough anger and outrage over the House passage of the AHCA in the last 24 hours, so a revolt isn’t looking that far-fetched.

Both of them also had a lot of choice words for Democratic leaders like Nancy Pelosi as well.

You can watch the video above (the relevant remarks start at the 16:20 mark), via TYT.

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