Health Care

Bernie Sanders Thanks the Koch Brothers For ‘Accidentally’ Supporting Healthcare For All

Cuomo Challenges Jim Jordan On Trump’s ‘Acting Like an Emperor’ Executive Orders

Watch Trump Forget to Sign Health Care Executive Order at Executive Order Signing

Trump Clarifies Health Care Policy: ‘I Don’t Want to Focus on Fixing Somebody’s Back or Their Knee’

Trump Says FOUR Times He Has The Votes on Health Care (He Does Not)

Trump Claims They ‘Have the Votes’ on Health Care, Gets Immediately Fact-Checked

Drudge Bashes New GOP Tax Plan: There’s No Longer Illusion That Parties Are Different

Senators Behind Graham-Cassidy Put Out Statement: Process, Timing of Vote ‘Did Not Line Up’

Jimmy Kimmel Tweets #GoodbyeGrahamCassidy: ‘Thanks to All Who Stood Up’

The Senate Will Not Be Voting on Graham-Cassidy Health Care Bill This Week

Graham Defends McCain for Voting Against Health Care Bill: ‘He Can Vote Any Way He Wants’

Kimmel Celebrates Graham-Cassidy Bill Being ‘Almost Certainly Dead,’ Thanks Collins and McCain

Jimmy Kimmel Applauds Susan Collins for ‘Putting People Ahead of Party’ With Graham-Cassidy Decision

BREAKING: GOP Sen. Susan Collins Comes Out Against Graham-Cassidy Bill Following CBO Analysis

CBO Report on Graham-Cassidy Bill: ‘Millions Fewer People With Comprehensive Health Insurance’

Protesters Storm Graham-Cassidy Health Care Hearing: ‘Kill the Bill, Don’t Kill Us’

Hillary Clinton Applauds Jimmy Kimmel: He’s Holding Republicans Accountable

Jimmy Kimmel Reportedly Consulted With Chuck Schumer on Health Care Specifics

Twitter Reacts to McCain’s Rejection of Graham-Cassidy: ‘Waiting for Trump to Tweet…’

John McCain ‘Cannot in Good Conscience Vote for the Graham-Cassidy Proposal’

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