WV Senate Candidate Blankenship Fires Back After POTUS Rejects Him: ‘I’m Trumpier Than Trump’


It’s Frankenstein’s monster all over again.

Candidate for Senate in West Virginia (and dude who looks like the mustachioed version of the purple guy from the McDonald’s commercials) Don Blankenship held a town hall on local television Monday — in which he claimed that President Donald Trump was mistaken when he said that he could not win the primary against his GOP opponents.

“I’m sure he’s getting that information from those that don’t want me to get elected, and so he’s misinformed, I’m sure,” Blankenship said, maintaining his signature dead-eyed stare at the camera.

“He recommended that people vote for a guy that was basically accused of pedophilia in Alabama,” Blankenship added later.

After denouncing his opponents for their rhetoric and “establishment” values, Blankenship said: “While West Virginia really loves Trump, it’s his policies that they love. It’s the fact that he has demonstrated that he’ll support coal, he’s demonstrated that he will pass tariffs if necessary to support the steel industry, he’s demonstrated that he is not a swamper, and so it’s those policies that West Virginians love.

“I’m basically Trumpier than Trump when it comes to those policies but I’m a much more mild-mannered and much more in line in terms of social issues in West Virginia than even President Trump,” he said.

Mild-mannered, or calculating? When one of his coal mines exploded, killing 29 men, Blankenship was sentenced to a year in prison for conspiracy to violate safety standards in order to turn a larger profit.

Watch the full town hall above, via Facebook and WZTS in West Virginia.

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