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Yes, GChat Isn’t Working, Google Talk Is Down, Twitter Is Wonky, AAAAAH!

Yes, GChat isn’t working properly this morning. There’s an issue with Google Talk, which experienced a service outage early this morning, taking GChat down with it. Yes, we have been huddled into a tiny ball for most of the morning, rocking back and forth while telling ourselves everything will be ok. BUT EVERYTHING HAS NOT BEEN OK! Do you know how dependent bloggers are on GChat to get work done? Extremely.

In both cases, users trying to use these services might see their friends (co-workers / mortal enemies) online and seem able to connect with them, but will find themselves with errors messages indicating messages were not received.

Users have been experiencing improved service as the morning progresses, so we’re hopeful all of this will be resolved soon enough.

Oh, and also? Don’t try complaining about your Google woes over Twitter for a bit. The social networking site is also experiencing technical issues this morning.

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