Young Conservative Summit Speaker Accidentally Makes Great Case for Socialism


Saturday marks the second day of the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, Colorado, and to mark the occasion, one speaker tried to slam followers of self-described “Democratic Socialist” presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, but wound up making an excellent case for Sanders’ worldview instead. Conservative activist Charlie Kirk told the crowd that in the “fight over freedom versus slavery,” the dangerous ignorance of Bernie Sanders followers is apparently abetting the “slavery” side of things, and riffed on the “dreadfully ironic” way that ignorance manifests itself:

Never before in human history has a cohort of a generation so shamelessly enjoyed the fruits of the free market, while simultaneously using those devices to bash it. And so you have young folks who are at Bernie Sanders rallies, you know, “Socialism! This is what democracy looks like!”, and then they turn around and “Hey, do you want to take an Uber to go to Starbucks, and let’s watch Netflix later, and hey, tweet about that too. And I just can’t stand this capitalism thing! It’s just, so bad! I can’t believe my Amazon Prime didn’t come in 24 hours or less.”

Who are these people? Because they’ve never been taught what free markets really is.

Setting aside Kirk’s “How do you do, fellow kids!“-level understanding of what “young folks” at Bernie Sanders rallies do, he actually managed to pick some great examples of how so-called “socialism” benefits young people, including Charlie Kirk. Both Uber and Twitter depend on the internet that was invented, not by Al Gore, but by government researchers, and both Netflix and Amazon depend heavily on that model of government-controlled commerce the United States Postal Service. When the Post Office wanted to raise rates on Netflix DVDs, it wasn’t the “free market” that stepped in and stopped them, it was (drumroll please) the government.

Of course, you can’t expect these kids today to know about this stuff because, as Kirk went on to say, they think these things just happen!

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